“So much music, so little time,” my high school piano teacher Noma Curtis always used to say. And she’s right. So much good music is just floating around out there, and between Spotify and Youtube and Naxos and the radio and live performances and online sheet music and libraries full of scores and more music being discovered and written and recorded every day, how on earth are we supposed to pick what we take the time to listen to or learn or study? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do that life is short. Every day, I am introduced to more and more music, performers, artists, etc. that the world needs to know about. But I also come across things that make me think, “Well, I just wasted my time sitting through that.” Based on the fact that life is short and there is too much good music to listen to, shouldn’t people be warned about the bad stuff and pointed toward the good stuff?

So that’s what I want this blog to be – a music critiquing blog. I will also review books about music, probably state my opinion about various things, and post about the arts in general. As I learn and grow as a musician, I want to be constantly listening to new and varied music, reading new things, and being an advocate for the arts, and I know there are other people out there who want to do the same. So this blog will review all sorts of things – performances, old recordings, new recordings, classical, jazz, Christian, favorite composers, favorite pieces, books about music, what I heard on the radio – many things. Maybe even philosophical ramblings about grad school experiences. We shall see.

But mainly, let’s just enjoy the music.


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